Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Busy, busy, busy!!


Sorry I have not posted yet since my arrival, I have been super busy building a bridge......

Anyway, my adventure has been nothing short of monumental so far! It's a miracle we made it here in one piece, the driving here is CRAZY!!! I can spend all night talking about how much better New Jersey drivers compare these hombres.

We start early and work until the sun goes down, from there we clean ourselves up a little bit then eat some dinner. Next we have a meeting to go over our progress and figure the next day's activities. Finally it's buenos noches for me!!

Our first day was spent verifying elevations, establishing the proper layouts, and tying rebar. The team did amazing work the first week, leaving us a good starting point to continue. This enabled us to complete the rebar on the far side footing and start the close side....All in all a great day of progress!!

Today the men showed up bright and early to set up the concrete mixers and prep for the pours. To my surprise they were able to set up pour the entire far side footing in a few short hours, all with one small mixer. The meanwhile we hurried and finished the rebar in the close footing. The men wasted no time and set up two mixers to complete the close footing.....so today we finshed all of the footing rebar, poured both footings, and tied the rebar cages for both abutment wall, now that is what I call a success!! The workers here never cease to amaze me, they are so small but so fuerte (strong)!!! They also don't stop smiling!! It makes our jobs a lot easier...

Here are some photos to give everybody an idea of what we are doing...

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  1. Wow! Ben, we are so proud of you and the work your team is doing for those folks! Keep it up~ Uncle Buck & Aunt June